De Kraal International

24-28 August 2016:
CSI**** & CSI**
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Welcome at Jumping De Kraal International

From 24 to 28 August, 2016 the international CSI**** and CSI** will be held at Manege De Kraal in Zandhoven. Five days with international top sports with international top riders from several countries.

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Foal Auction 111

On Saturday 27 August, 2016 the second edition of the foal auction 111 will be held at Manege De Kraal, presented by Stud 111.

Foal Auction 111
Latest news

25 juli 2016 foto- en video shoot

Op maandag 25 juli 2016 zullen de foto’s en video’s van alle geselecteerde veulens worden gemaakt

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Schrijf je in voor de selectie dag van Foal Auction 111

De absolute veilingtopper van onze Foal Auction 111 editie 2015 was Par Exellance de Muze.

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Nummer 2 van Foal Auction 111 2015

De nummer 2 van onze Foal Auction 111 van vorig jaar was Chiaretto van 't Prinsenveld Z (Casall ASK x Malito de Reves)

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Nummer 3 van Foal Auction 111 2015.

De nummer 3 van de eerste editie van onze Foal Auction 111 van vorig jaar was Panamera STH (Jonsaunier x Toulon).

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Exhibition area

Extended exhibition area

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Alle foto's zijn online

 Alle foto's van het concours en de sfeerbeelden zijn online te bekijken op : KLIK HIER

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Jeroen Appelen en Aikido Z winnen in de Zandhoven de driesterren GP. Deze proef werd verreden over twee omlopen , ...

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Lopez de la Osa Escribano wint CSI* 1m25 prijs Van de Helle

 De Finale van de 1-ster Prijs Van de Helle 1m25 gaat naar Lopez de la Osa Escribano  met Cascin. ...

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Program De Kraal International

Four days international sport.
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Charity Foundation ProForKids helps handicapped children in Ukraine

In Ukraine, at present some 60,000 handicapped children and orphans live and go to school in more than 400 special children’s homes. The children are often living in the homes in very poor circumstances and usually without any privacy.

In the early 90’s, Barbara and Klaus Eckardt lived and worked in Ukraine. They were confronted with the poor conditions in the children’s homes and immediately started to help. After their retirement in 1995 and return to the Netherlands, Barbara and Klaus started the foundation ProForKids (Projects for Kids) in 1996.

The foundation ProForKids aims to structurally improve the living conditions of the children’s homes, among others by providing financial support to material projects. All projects are completely realized locally. ProForKids also contributes to the innovation of the education of handicapped children by organizing and realizing non material projects which mainly consist of the transfer of knowledge from the Netherlands to Ukraine.

A large number of donors of ProForKids has made it possible all these years for ProForKids to financially support many projects for a number of children’s homes for deaf, hard of hearing and blind children and orphans.

These were and are projects for thorough renovations, for replacement of old plumbing, ancient heating systems, old furniture and single glass windows by insulated windows, for purchase of modern study material, set up libraries, etc.
This has considerably improved the children’s living conditions and future prospects.

The changed political and resulting bad economic situation in Ukraine necessitates further outside support. An example is the successful 2015 project to replace the heating installation of the children’s home for deaf children in Sosnitsa dating back to 1975. You as a donor of De Kraal International in 2015 made a substantial contribution for the successful realization of the project, for which we thank you.

Now the 40 year old chimney of the heating installation in Sosnitsa urgently needs to be replaced. The dilapidated 24 m high chimney is made of steel tubes which have badly corroded. The financial means for replacement are lacking. Therefore, ProForKids has promised to financially assist the children’s home in Sosnitsa.

For your financial support the deaf children in Sosnitsa and ProForKids will be very grateful.

The management of ProForKids.
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Starting this year, we have extended the exhibition area during our event where commercial partners can show their products and/or their company to our visitors. The exhibitor area will be managed by the company Rekad Productions NV. If you are interested, we refer to below link. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Indra Corten or Els Verbrugghe - Tel. +32 (0) 14286080 or by e-mail


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CSI**** en CSI**

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Kind request to not use Hooidonk and Schegel Streets, but the following route

Recommended Itinerary

Coming from the Highway E34:

  • Take exit 20 and folow the signs Zadhoven International Jumping
  • Take a right at restaurant De Engel onto the Hallebaan
  • From the Hallebaan take a right onto the Boshuisweg
  • At the end of the Boshuisweg at a T-crossing, take a right
  • Continue on this route and you will arrive at Schegel 48

Coming from the Highway E 313:

  • Take exit 19 and follow the signs Zandhoven International Jumping
  • Follow the Liersebaan direction Zandhoven
  • Take a left onto the Hallebaan at restaurant De Engel
  • Take a right onto the Boshuisweg
  • At the end of the Boshuisweg at the T crossing take a right
  • Continue on this route and you will arrive at Schegel 48