De Kraal International

23-27 August 2017:
CSI 3/2/1 *
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Welcome at Jumping De Kraal International

From 23 to 27 August, 2017 the international CSI 3/2/1 * will be held at Manege De Kraal in Zandhoven. Five days with international top sports with international top riders from several countries.

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Foal Auction 111

On Saturday 26 August, 2017 the third edition of the foal auction 111 will be held at Manege De Kraal, presented by Stud 111.

Foal Auction 111
Latest news

Schedule online!

We are happy to present the show schedule of De Kraal International 2017. It promises to be top sport with 6 Longines ...

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Joe Clee is coming to De Kraal International!

 He already competed at the European Championship (then in CHIO Aachen), but this year he prefers De Kraal I...

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Studio 100


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Landscape for Horses

Waar landschapsarchitectuur en paardensport samenkomen..

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Waarom uw veulen inschrijven bij veulenveiling Foal Auction 111?

De laatste jaren worden er in BelgiŽ en Nederland steeds meer veulenveilingen georganiseerd. Door dit toenemende aanbod van veilingen is het voor fokkers van springveulens niet altijd makkelijk een keuze te maken bij welke veiling ze hun veulen(s) het beste kunnen inschrijven.

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Reminder; schrijf u in voor de selectie dag van Foal Auction 111

Zaterdag 24 juni 2017 selectie dag Foal Auction 111

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Selectiedatum 3e veulenveiling 111 bekend.

Zaterdag 24 juni 2017 zal de selectie van de veulens voor onze 3e veulenveiling plaatsvinden.

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What's in a star?

FEI information

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Experience top level sport in the front row thanks to our sponsor formulas !
Program De Kraal International

Five days international sport.

INTERNATIONAL JUMPING COMPETITION CSI 3/2/1* 23-27 AUG 2017 ( 23-08-2017 )

Start Sponsor - Test - Type Starting order   Result   Photos  
  WEDNESDAY 23 AUGUST 2017      
  CSI2* - CLASS 1 - 1m30      
  CSI2* - CLASS 2 - 1m35      
  CSI2* - CLASS 3 - 1m40      
  CSI1* - CLASS A - 1m20      
  CSI1* - CLASS B - 1m10      
  THURSDAY 24 AUGUST 2017      
  CSI2* - CLASS 4 - 1m30      
  CSI3* - CLASS I - 1m40      
  CSI2* - CLASS 5 - 1m35      
  CSI3* - CLASS II - 1 m45 LR      
  FRIDAY 25 AUGUST 2017      
  CSI1* - CLASS C - 1m20      
  CSI1* - CLASS D - 1m10      
  CSI2* - CLASS 6 - 1m45 LR      
  CSI3* - CLASS III - 1m40      
  CSI3* - CLASS IV - 1m50 LR      
  SATURDAY 26 AUGUST 2017      
  CSI2* - CLASS 7 - 1m35      
  CSI2* - CLASS 8 - 1m30      
  CSI3* - CLASS V - 1 m40      
  CSI3* - CLASS VI - 1m50 LR      
  FOAL AUCTION 111      
  SUNDAY 27 AUGUST 2017      
  CSI1* - CLASS E - 1m10      
  CSI3* - CLASS VII - 1m45      
  CSI2* - CLASS 9 - 1m45 GP      
  CSI3* - CLASS VIII - 1m60 GP      
  CSI1* - CLASS F - 1m20 GP      

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Charity Institution for children with hearing disabilities in Bila Tserkva

Children and silence… an incompatible situation. In a surrounding with children, you will always hear sounds of voices, laughing, noises. But among children there are also little ones with hearing disabilities. Music, sounds of nature, words from their mother and communication is a closed world for these children. Loss of hearing is a huge handicap for the normal development of a child. A deaf child has a disadvantage compared to children with normal hearing capacities. Research has proven that the sooner a deaf child receives special education and social help, the best results are to be reached for their general and linguistic competence.

Communal educational  institution of the Kyiv Regional Council “Special comprehensive school of I-II levels of Bila Tserkva” is a public comprehensive rehabilitation institution with preschool education department, that ensures implementation of the rights of children with hearing disabilities for education, social assistance, rehabilitation, etc. Now there are 75 children from the towns and villages of Kyiv region in this unique school.

In the educational institution there are highly qualified teachers who teach,  provide the children social and psychological skills so useful in the further lives.

After school the children participate in all kinds of different activities. They  enjoy sports, creative activities: choreography, visual arts, performing a song in sign language. Students of the school have won national, regional and local sports events and art exhibitions.

The old inventory of the school needs to be replaced urgently. Also for the daily facilities, support will be needed. For these reasons we have pledged to help this institution in Bila Tserkva.

Your financial support to the children with hearing disabilities in Bila Tserkva region is highly appreciated and the children will be very grateful for your support.

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Starting this year, we have extended the exhibition area during our event where commercial partners can show their products and/or their company to our visitors. The exhibitor area will be managed by the company Rekad Productions NV. If you are interested, we refer to below link. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Indra Corten or Els Verbrugghe - Tel. +32 (0) 14286080 or by e-mail


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Kind request to not use Hooidonk and Schegel Streets, but the following route

Recommended Itinerary

Coming from the Highway E34:

  • Take exit 20 and folow the signs Zadhoven International Jumping
  • Take a right at restaurant De Engel onto the Hallebaan
  • From the Hallebaan take a right onto the Boshuisweg
  • At the end of the Boshuisweg at a T-crossing, take a right
  • Continue on this route and you will arrive at Schegel 48

Coming from the Highway E 313:

  • Take exit 19 and follow the signs Zandhoven International Jumping
  • Follow the Liersebaan direction Zandhoven
  • Take a left onto the Hallebaan at restaurant De Engel
  • Take a right onto the Boshuisweg
  • At the end of the Boshuisweg at the T crossing take a right
  • Continue on this route and you will arrive at Schegel 48