15-18 September 2022:
CSI 2/1/YH*
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Abdel Said wins CSI3* Grand Prix!

It were 48 combinations who started in the heavy CSI3* Grand Prix. The class sponsored by Centrauto and Flandria Rent was as high as 1m60 and had some top combinations participating of which 9 were able to qualify for the jump-off. Pedro Veniss immediately got a mistake on the first fence in this jump-off with For Felicila, but Jeroen Appelen knew as a second starter to ride a strong and fast clear round with Grappeloup van het Reenhof (Larino). Eventually, his 44.08 seconds turned out to be good enough for a third place. Marie After Pellegrin also rode a good jump-off with Une de L'Othain, a mare by Conterno Grande, but unfortunately got a mistake and finished on 7th place. After them Abdel Said and Hope van Scherpen Donder arrived in the ring. Unbelievably fast, this combination went to their jump-off easily and won by more than 2 seconds! Marlon Modolo Zanotelli was tipped as a favorite, after winning the CSI4* Grand Prix last year in Zandhoven. With his Extra van Essene, with whom he won the CSI3* Grand Prix in Beervelde last month, he was quick but not fast enough and a mistake on the second to last fence made him finish 5th. Kenny Darragh also rode a strong jump-off with his C'est Beau, but lost time in the bends, making him unable to reach Abdel's time, but still managed to achieve a second place. Rik Hemeryck seemed on it to win another class with his Bretling du Paradis Z , after winning the CSI2* Grand Prix Lier last week, but couldn't be as fast and finally finished fourth. Kevin Jochems, with his Captain Cooper, picked up some penalties in the jump-off and ended ninth. All eyes were aimed at the last starter in the jump-off: Dieter Vermeiren. He's only 18 years old, but managed to be classified in just about every class here in Zandhoven. Unfortunately, he didn't manage to be the surprise of the jump-off with Kingston Town 111 Z, but eventually ended 8th. This extra placing made him convincingly win the prize for best CSI3 * rider! What an achievement!
Just to recapitulate:
1) Abdel Said - Hope van Scherpen Donder
2) Darragh Kenny - C'est Beau
3) Jeroen Appelen - Grappeloup van het Reenhof
4) Rik Hemeryck - Bretling du Paradis Z
5) Marlon Modolo Zanotelli - Extra van Essene
6) Pedro Veniss - For Felicila
7) Marie Etter Pellegrin - Une de L'othain
8) Dieter Vermeiren - Kingston Town 111
9) Kevin Jochems - Captain Cooper