15-18 September 2022:
CSI 2/1/YH*
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Prize Footing Peter Van Santvoort

Victory for Chloe Winchester and Don Corleone 11 Z: Belgian breeder, Slovenian owner and British rider: de ideal mix!

Earlier this week Chloe Winchester finished second with Don Corleone 111 Z. Today de Btitish rider won the 1 m 35 Table A against the clock.
The 25 yr old rider started riding at the age of two. She produced many ponies fot both show jumping and eventing before she continued on horses.
Don Corleone 111 Z is an 8 year old gelding by Der Senaat 111 Z bred by Harrie and Victor Theeuwes. Belgian international rider and horse dealer Karel Cox bought the horse when he was young and started to ride him until the international level.
Karel:”Don Corleone 111 Z is very competitive, fast, careful and I think he will jump big classes. He is only eight and Chloe Winchester, who workd for me, will jump him until the owner, the Slovenian international rider Rado Siliva will ride him. I’am very happy for the owner and the breeder that he wins an internaitonal class here at the Kraal International.”

CSI2* Class 7 Table A against the clock 1 m 35

1.Chloe Winchester (GBR) – Don Corelone 111 Z 0 – 61,00 sec.
2.Roy Van Beek (BEL) – Mia vh Hulstenhof 0 – 61,05 sec.
3.Pieter Kenis (BEL) – Byzance Mail 0 – 61,49 sec.